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We were your typical Olympic fans, tuning in to our television sets every four years to watch the games.  Then, in 1996 we attended the Atlanta summer games and we were hooked.  There is nothing like seeing the games in person to give you a totally different experience.  Television coverage is great and it has a lot to offer but there was just something about being there in person that made all the difference in the world.  From that point on, we were "hooked" and now watch and read as much as possible about the Olympic Games.

Back in 1996, there wasn't a whole lot of information available on the web about the Olympic games so we decided to make some web pages of our own.  This gave us the opportunity to research something we love, to learn how to make web pages and the opportunity to share that information with the world.  "Corey and Laura's Olympic Site" has a staff of two people (Corey and Laura).   We both have full time careers so working on this web site is just a part time hobby of ours.  There are a lot of things we want to add but we need to find the time to do it.  With our careers, family, friends, etc., finding the time is quite the challenge.    This is truly a labor of love.  We can be contacted via email

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Disclaimer:  This web site is not affiliated with or funded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) or the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of any country.