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This site is best viewed with: IE 4.+ or Netscape 6.0+.  While everything is viewable with both Netscape and Internet Explorer, you will get maximum enjoyment from viewing this site with IE.   Since we found that an increased number of our viewers are using IE (over 80% in recent months), we decided to incorporate many features that work in IE.  Unfortunately, many of these features do not work in Netscape.

Some benefits of using IE include listening to national anthems on the games pages, links changing color/attributes on mouse-over, DHTML header positioning, and various formatting improvements.  Additionally, we use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for much of our formatting and Netscape chooses to not abide by many standards set forth for use of CSS.

If things on this web site don't "look" quite right, we suggest you try using IE 4.0 or newer. 

You also need to have java-script enabled on your browser.  This is the default setting for both IE and Netscape so this shouldn't be a problem for most of you.

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